AXOR Street DC Batman Full Face Helmet Dull Anthracite Black


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The AXOR Street DC Batman Full Face Helmet Dull Anthracite Black offers a stylish and protective solution for riders. Its lightweight and durable materials, adjustable interior, and aerodynamic design provide maximum comfort and coverage while its Dull Anthracite Black finish adds a touch of sophistication.

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AXOR Street DC Batman Full Face Helmet Dull Anthracite Black

The AXOR Street is a highly prized design, renowned for its performance both on the road and the track. It boasts an innovative visor that sets a new standard for vision in its class. The ultra-wide visor offers an unobstructed panoramic view, with 70% more downward angle than traditional designs. The aerodynamic spoiler and three-layer density cheek pads provide a perfect balance of stability and comfort, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride with an uncluttered view.

AXOR Street DC Batman Full Face Helmet  Dull Anthracite Black


  1. Upper air intake vent is positioned to maximize air flow into the helmet interior.
  2. The back outlet vent is designed in conjunction with the PC Spoiler for optimal ventilation.
  3. The helmet features an inhalation guard and chin curtain for added comfort.


  1. The helmet comes with an optically correct visor.
  2. It has a quick and tool-less visor change mechanism.
  3. An internal sun visor is included.
  4. The helmet is equipped with an Anti-Fog pin-lock system.
  5. The innovative visor mechanism pivots front and back to provide a perfect wind and waterproof seal.
  6. The helmet boasts the best viewport in its class.


  1. The dual EPS liner is designed to fit the head perfectly and absorb impact energies to prevent penetration.
  2. The chin strap secures the helmet and head to prevent them from rolling off in the event of a crash.
  3. The helmet features a Double D-ring for a secure fit.
  4. The shell is made of ABS material for high-performance protection.


Homologation – ECE R-22.05(Europe) DOT FMVSS NO. 218(US) Helmet Safety Standards
• ISI Certified
• Testing includes energy attenuation
• Penetration resistance
• Chin strap structural integrity
• Surface projection
• Rigidity test
• Tensile test
• Chin Strap Micro slip test
• All above tested under 4 different conditions(Hot, Cold, Submerging, and Ambient)


• Integrated Spoiler for Streamlined Presentation & Stability at High Speed.
• Tough Polycarbonate Material

● Fully removable and washable interiors
● Three-dimensionally shaped to match the contours of a rider’s head
● Ready for easy installation of Bluetooth headsets
● It comes with a New inner visor Mechanism
● It weighs up to 1600

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AXOR Street DC Batman Full Face Helmet Dull Anthracite Black
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